Commercial Fleet Tracking

Managing your company vehicles as a business owner is no easy task, especially if you have a large fleet size. For many companies, the success of a fleet highly depends on the efficiency of the drivers, effective route planning and accountability for jobs.

Therefore, investing in high-quality Commercial Fleet Tracking is essential to keep tabs on your drivers and ensuring productivity and overall business operations remain at the highest they can be.

The Benefits of Commercial Fleet Tracking

A commercial fleet tracking system allows you to know where your vehicles are at all times, keeping in full control of your mobile workforce and valuable equipment. It also helps staff in the office give accurate ETA information to customers over the phone which is essential.

Some commercial fleet tracking software gives you added visibility, giving you alerts on driver behaviour, speed, journey time, idling and more. Most bespoke platforms conveniently let you see your business vehicles in real-time via a desktop application or smartphone.

There are many worthwhile benefits to make life easier, including speed and task monitoring, driver behaviour alerts, extensive historical reporting, and easy options to distinguish between private and business usage.

Whether you have a fleet size of 2  to 500, Vehicle Tracking Solutions can offer you a tailored and custom-designed commercial fleet tracking system. However, they have many different options to suit the level of protection you need. If you are after a Thatcham approved S5 Tracker – click here.

If you are looking for commercial van locking products – you can also try Van Deadlock Solutions.


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